Masteel has partnered with Miilux® to provide the highest quality steel for our customers. Miilux® are experts in the production of custom steel screening products and their product range include abrasion resistant steels for crushers, buckets, conveyors, screening, and grouser bars.

In addition to their range of steel, Miilux® also utilize a unique screening solution that produces steel products that are hard from edge to edge, resulting in a longer service life.

Miilux® Screening Solutions

The Miilux® unique method processes and machines steels while they are still soft, and then their specialised hardening capability produces a steel with edge to edge and top to bottom hardness.

This process reduces costs and removes the need for special equipment. It also ensures that the finished product has no loss in hardness, which can occur when steels are processed when they are hardened.

Miilux® Steel Grades

Miilux® technology produces steel with a hardness that is consistent from edge to edge, this ensures that the steel grades have a long lifespan. These grades of steel have hardness levels that are upgraded from conventional HB400 abrasion resistant steel to HB450, HB500, and HB600.


Steel GradeThicknessYield Strength
Rp0,2 N/mm²
Tensile Strength
Rm N/mm²
Elongation A5Impact Strength
Hardness Range
Miilux® 4005 - 12 mm100012501040 J360 - 4200.45
Miilux® 40012 - 30 mm100012501030 J380 - 4500.45
Miilux® 40030 - 120 mm11001400830 J380 - 4800.65
Miilux® 4505 - 30 mm12001450825 J 425 - 4750.5
Miilux® 45030 - 120 mm12001450825 J425 - 4750.58
Miilux® 5005 - 120 mm12501600825 J450 - 5300.64
Miilux® 608 - 40 mm15002000617 J570 - 640 0.8