A UK Steel Supplier

At Masteel, we are a UK steel supplier achieving global success due to our wealth of experience, diverse stock, and focus on premium quality.

Steel Stockholders Since the Turn of the Century

Masteel was founded in 2002, growing from a small privately owned steel trading company to a globally recognised steel stockholder. We have a branch in South Africa (Pressure Vessel Steels (UK) Ltd) and a sister company in Belgium (Masteel BV) that are supported by our UK headquarters, offering global coverage.

Our Capabilities

We are passionate about providing the best customer service for our clients and we work hard to ensure we can meet your company’s needs.

Our profiling services combined with the comprehensive stock of carbon steels allow us to meet the needs of your projects. We use fully computerised multihead profiling machines to guarantee the utmost quality.

Our testing services include ultrasonic steel testing, magnetic particle inspection, high temperature tensile testing, simulated post weld heat treatment, and charpy V notch impact testing. These services ensure that your steel order will meet exacting standards.

Our stock materials are ordered to international standards with additional stringent restrictions applied to the chemical, mechanical and testing requirements. This ensures that where clients have more complex requirements we are able to comply using ex stock material.

This stock can be delivered all over the world with Masteel UK Limited’s impressive stock range including grades to suit a wide variety of applications.

You can learn more about our offerings on our dedicated services page.

Serving a Global Steel Industry

We are based in a central position in the UK, serving local markets and offering regional delivery. However, Masteel UK Limited has supply arrangements with some of the highest quality steel mills in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not limited to specific mills, offering our business the flexibility to source mill quantity steels for projects which are to our customer’s exact requirements.

Our stock range has been expertly curated and designed to cover an extensive range of specifications relating to a range of industries including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & gas
  • Offshore
  • Power Generation
  • Quarrying
  • Mining
  • Military

We are extremely committed to producing high quality products. To showcase this commitment, our quality management systems adhere to stringent standards.

Learn more about the industries we serve by visiting our market sectors page.

British Steel Products

You can find our steel in many applications across the UK and around the world. One of these is the Bannockburn Memorial Site, where our Corten steel was used to create three signs.

Two of the signs were displayed at the entrance of the site, with the third being used as an interpretation wall. Our steel was used to blend into the environment and provide an eye catching look that didn’t take away from the natural surroundings.

We also provided 1500 tonnes of  steel for Hinkley Point Power Station. Our materials were used for the jetty and were built to withstand the constant contact with saltwater. This part of the Bristol Channel has a tidal range of 13m and is exposed to high winds and fast tidal currents so our material was used to help the jetty withstand these extreme conditions.

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