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Profiling Services

Masteel UK Ltd offer in– steel profiling services which include fully computerised multihead profiling machines.

This, combined with our comprehensive stock of carbon steels up to 170mm thick means we can produce to your project requirements giving peace of mind with our single site solution. One-offs to thousands of profiles can be supplied and finished to your specifications and tolerances. We are also able to offer machining, grinding and drilling services.

Quality & Inspection

Quality is important to us. Every process is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality is maintained.
ISO 9001 accreditation clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality.

All our profiles are inspected to ensure they meet your requirements. Once blanks have been produced and inspected the delivery is arranged by our operations department, invariably the next day. Special requirements such as stamping or marking, palletising, shrink-wrapping etc. can be accommodated. To compliment our profile facility we also offer a range of rolling services supported by a number of local sub-contractors; we have strong links with local subcontractors and are able to offer various diameters of rolled and welded shells and dished ends.

We can cut steel to your exact requirements.As well as rolling and dished end supply we also offer all work with the options of N.D.T. operations including;- radiography, ultrasonic test, dye pen and M.P.I. also heat treatment operations including:- stress relieving, normalising and solution annealing.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is used to cut steel by means of a chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperatures.

The combination of pure oxygen and propane as a fuel gas produces a clean accurate cut face which in some applications may require additional machining as this creates a heat affected zone around the cut edges.

The use of multi head cutting machines means the process is suitable for individual or high batch production runs. Along with fully computerised CAD-CAM software maximum utilisation is achieved during manufacture.

Our Flame Cutting Services

Application: Carbon & Low Alloy Steels
Cutting Range: 6mm – 300mm thick (thicker material available on request)
Cutting Area: 12000 x 4000

Flame cutting is a popular “added value” service of our business and we cut steel for clients both in the UK and for delivery internationally. We have our own computerised multihead profiling machines which directly link to Autocad – we can therefore take your drawing and use it as a working template to cut the steel to your requirements.

Laser Cutting

Cutting steel profiles using laser cutting techniques have numerous advantages.

Although heat is generated during the cutting process, the heat affected zone (HAZ) is only very small due to the precise nature of the cutting tool.

Another obvious benefit is the laser’s capacity to cut complex and intricate shapes. As a result, laser cutting is an effective method for producing accurately cut steel profiles. This accuracy allows the profiles to be cut to very fine tolerances.

Masteel offer a laser cutting profile service and when considering this conjunction with the volume of steel stocked at our premises, it is clear that we have become a ‘one stop shop’ for all your pressure vessel and boiler quality steel supply needs.

Our Laser Cutting Services

Application: Carbon & Alloy Steels
Cutting Range: Up to 15mm thickness
Cutting Area: 12000 x 3200

Water Jet Cutting

Waterjet profiling is a cost effective heat and gas free cutting method and will work successfully on any steel material.

The material is cut using a pressurised waterjet which can be anything between 30,000 to 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This enormous amount of pressure allows for cutting of much greater material thicknesses. In the steel cutting process the water is mixed with abrasive garnet which enables the material to be cut to close tolerances.

The process yields very little heat and therefore there is no heat affected zone to speak of (HAZ). This in turn promotes a very accurate and detailed cut. Profiles can be cut up to a thickness of 200mm.

Our Water Jet Cutting Services

Application: All Steels
Cutting Range: Up to 200mm thickness
Cutting Area: 6000 x 3000

Plasma Cutting

Our flame cutting profiling service does not extend to cutting such materials as stainless steel. This is because flame cutting relies on the oxidation process whilst materials such as stainless, aluminium and copper form an oxide which makes the flame cutting of this material virtually impossible. Plasma arc cutting is one alternative that should be considered as a suitable cutting method.

The process involves gas being passed through a narrow nozzle at high velocity which is connected to an electric current which creates an ionised plasma stream. This stream melts the metal whilst any molten material is blown away by the high velocity gas resulting in a cut edge.

Masteel UK Limited offer a plasma cutting profiling service for stainless and other high alloy steels – please refer to our technical information below…

Our Plasma Cutting Services

Application: Carbon, Low & High Alloy Steels
Cutting Range: Up to 50mm
Cutting Area: 18000 x 5000

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