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Worldwide Shipping Services

As a major worldwide steel exporter, Masteel UK Limited holds an impressive steel stock range with grades to suit a variety of applications in chosen market sectors.

We hold stock for industries including Pressure Vessel and Boiler Manufacture, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Offshore Fabrication, Ship Building and Ship Repair, Construction, Mining, Quarrying, Bridge Building and many more.

Whilst this is important to our customers there are times when specific, more specialist requirements or higher volume creates a requirement for stock to be shipped directly from the steel mill itself.

Effective Supply Agreements

Fortunately, Masteel UK Limited has no problems in this area – we have supply agreements with some of the best steel mills in Western Europe who are renowned for their quality. And as part of our logistics and supply chain management portfolio, we are able to expedite your request and ensure that your consignment purchase is received in excellent quality and on even more importantly, on time.

And for further peace of mind, we ensure that your steel consignment is tested to your requirements. Much of our steel stock is “pre–tested” to an extremely stringent level so in most cases it is available to ship immediately. For direct supply from the mill, we can arrange for your steel to be tested at source or you can arrange for a third party company to complete the testing – the choice is yours.

We have a dedicated and highly efficient export department who specialise in documentation, packing and steel shipping services which facilitates a reliable service to our steel clients throughout the world.