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Cryogenic Steel: The Cold Hard Facts

10th October 2019
The term cryogenic steel is used in two main contexts. Firstly, it describes the process of hardening steel alloys using...
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410 Stainless Steel: Properties & Applications

3rd October 2019
General-purpose stainless steels offer good corrosion and heat resistance for a wide range of operating conditions. This is symptomatic of...
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When to Use UNS S32205?

2nd September 2019
Duplex alloys have always occupied something of a niche in stainless steel production, representing less than 1% (approximately 200KT) of...
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Understanding Plasma Cutting of Metals

26th August 2019
Plasma cutting is an established method of metal profiling that has been available to engineers for decades. It emerged in...
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Outlining Steel for Shipbuilding

7th August 2019
Many materials are used in shipbuilding, including fiber-reinforced composites (FRP), non-ferrous metals, plastics, and more. Yet almost 90% of materials...
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Corrosion-Resistant Steels: Corten A/B vs Stainless Steels

29th July 2019
Corrosion is the process of material deterioration due to chemical or electrochemical reactions at the interface between a base material...
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300 Brinell Steel: Properties & Applications

11th July 2019
Measuring hardness is a fundamental process in assessing how well an alloy will stand up to wear and tear. It...
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Understanding Abrasion-Resistant Steel

8th July 2019
Abrasion is used to define any process where the surface of a material wears away due to friction. This can...
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Hardening Stainless Steels: A Brief Guide

12th June 2019
Hardenability is a complex property that varies depending on an alloy’s microstructural arrangement and chemical content. The attribute varies so...
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Outlining Weldable Steels

5th June 2019
Welding is a complex fabrication process that encompasses a broad range of individual techniques. Each of these distinct processes exploits...
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