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Composite Clad Plates

Clad steel plate offers a low cost and highly effective solution in industrial sectors such as construction, shipbuilding and the manufacture of certain types of industrial tanks including pressure vessels.

Clad plates are classed as composite steel and are created by bonding stainless steel to a carbon steel or base metal plate. Whilst the clad plate offers a lower cost solution, the characteristics and performance of clad plate is still impressive with excellent strength, especially when compared with other structural materials and has impressive corrosive and heat resistant qualities.


The clad steel plate is normally heat treated after the forming process if such a specification is required. As part of Masteel’s impressive supply portfolio, we can supply a variety of clad plates for use in a wealth of industries. Our services include…

  • major stockholding
  • global shipping
  • corrosive resistance
  • heat resistant qualities
  • quick turnaround
  • accurate ‘in-house’ cutting service
  • high quality steel from major European steel mills

Clad plates can also be used as a cost effective material in the production of dished ends and pressure vessel heads. Our clad plates are supplied throughout the petrochemical industry and are used in the fabrication of pressurised vessels and industrial boilers.