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Masteel has a wide range of carbon steel plate products to suit a variety of industries and applications.


Masteel distributes high quality steels to fabricators primarily serving the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.


Masteel offers a variety of added value services making it easier for you receive total steel solutions from one source.


Masteel provides the very latest news including articles about the business, products we supply and the latest from the industry.

Global Steel Suppliers, delivering steel where and when you need it…

Specialising in the worldwide distribution of high quality steels to fabricators primarily serving the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries

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Abrasion Resistance of Industrial Steel Products

Hardness, toughness, and strength are three of the most crucial mechanical values for industrial steel products, determining the physical integrity...
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3 Steel Grades for Abrasion Resistance

The Brinell scale refers to a material’s resistance to mechanical deformation by impacts or sources of significant friction. Steel grades...
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The Applications of Miilux Screening Solutions

Specialist steel profiling for heavy wear applications requires unique production and heat treatment methodologies to encourage high material strength and...
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Stainless Steel for Hygiene Critical Applications

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile families of metal alloys on the market. It is an iron-carbon (He-C)...
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World Cup Materials: The Steel Products Used in Football Stadium Construction

The World Cup opening ceremony 2018 kicked off under the panoramic canopy of the Luzhniki Stadium; a 15,000-tonne construction supported...
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