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The 4 Strongest Alloy Steel Products from Masteel

2nd May 2018
Alloy steels are manufactured for a limitless range of applications, using varying compounds of metallic elements to achieve finely-tailored mechanical...
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Custom Steel for Marine Applications

26th April 2018
Metals used in marine applications must withstand some of the most demanding environmental weathering factors on the planet, including tidal...
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European Steel Section Products from Masteel

19th April 2018
Steel construction requires as close to absolute component accuracy as possible to ensure that structural shapes and designs can be...
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The Applications for Ballistic Steel Outside of the Military

10th April 2018
With its highly protective properties, including immense impact strength and a low susceptibility to pressures and blasts, ballistic steel is...
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Advanced Heat Resistant Steel for the Energy Industry

5th April 2018
Today, the energy sector faces heightened scrutiny from the public domain, as well as increasingly stringent industry standards and requirements....
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An Overview of Carbon Steel

28th March 2018
Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of up to 2.1% of the steel’s overall weight. It...
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9% Nickel Steel Applications

21st March 2018
9% Nickel steel is a versatile low-carbon alloy with unique tensile and thermally resistant properties. Available from Masteel in plate...
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9% Nickel Steel for LNG and Cryogenic Applications

21st March 2018
Most steel is prone to crack at low temperatures. This is due to something called the brittle-ductile transition; a phenomenon...
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Masteel Supply 9% Nickel Alloy Steel Plates

14th March 2018
Masteel are now supplying various grades of 9% Nickel steel, that can be used for a range of applications due...
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Common Applications of Structural Steel

2nd March 2018
The term structural steel can cover a wide range of different steel products, and they can be used in the...
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