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Abrasion Resistance of Industrial Steel Products

13th August 2018
Hardness, toughness, and strength are three of the most crucial mechanical values for industrial steel products, determining the physical integrity...
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3 Steel Grades for Abrasion Resistance

6th August 2018
The Brinell scale refers to a material’s resistance to mechanical deformation by impacts or sources of significant friction. Steel grades...
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The Applications of Miilux Screening Solutions

30th July 2018
Specialist steel profiling for heavy wear applications requires unique production and heat treatment methodologies to encourage high material strength and...
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Stainless Steel for Hygiene Critical Applications

24th July 2018
Stainless steel is one of the most versatile families of metal alloys on the market. It is an iron-carbon (He-C)...
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World Cup Materials: The Steel Products Used in Football Stadium Construction

13th July 2018
The World Cup opening ceremony 2018 kicked off under the panoramic canopy of the Luzhniki Stadium; a 15,000-tonne construction supported...
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High Yield Steel for Mining Applications

9th July 2018
Mining components such as earth-moving buckets and geological drill-heads are subject to an array of abrasive elements throughout their service...
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Outlining the Benefits of Wear Resistant Steel

21st June 2018
All mechanical components experience some degree of wearing over time. It is a symptom of the innate abrasive forces of...
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The Challenges of Liquid Gas Storage

8th June 2018
Liquefied natural gases (LNG) are refrigerated gaseous chemicals that have been converted to fluids for ease of storage and transportation....
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4 Common Carbon Steel Products

30th May 2018
Carbon steel is a broad categorization that includes steel alloys with a carbon content from below 0.015% to over 0.5%....
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What is the Purpose of Weathering Steel Products?

24th May 2018
Weathering steel products are formulated from Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel grades, which are alloys that rapidly oxidise after installation. The...
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