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An Overview of Carbon Steel

28th March 2018
Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of up to 2.1% of the steel’s overall weight. It...
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9% Nickel Steel Applications

21st March 2018
9% Nickel steel is a versatile low-carbon alloy with unique tensile and thermally resistant properties. Available from Masteel in plate...
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9% Nickel Steel for LNG and Cryogenic Applications

21st March 2018
Most steel is prone to crack at low temperatures. This is due to something called the brittle-ductile transition; a phenomenon...
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Masteel Supply 9% Nickel Alloy Steel Plates

14th March 2018
Masteel are now supplying various grades of 9% Nickel steel, that can be used for a range of applications due...
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Common Applications of Structural Steel

2nd March 2018
The term structural steel can cover a wide range of different steel products, and they can be used in the...
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Outlining the Steel Products Available from Masteel

23rd February 2018
Masteel is a global steel stockholder with years of experience in the manufacture and supply of a diverse range of...
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Comparing Structural Steel to Concrete

19th February 2018
The construction industry uses a large variety of different materials to build a range of structures. Many factors are considered...
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Steel Supplier for Power Generation Applications

8th February 2018
Power generation is a term that covers a range of industry sectors, and steel is one material that is utilized...
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The History Of Armour Plate Steel

2nd February 2018
The origins of armour plate steel can be traced back to the invention of tanks during the first world war...
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Rolled and Welded Tubulars in Stainless Steels

31st January 2018
Stainless steel is an indispensable material in applications which demand strength, ductility, and excellent resistance to corrosion. As a result,...
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Whatever your steel requirement or specification, Masteel has the knowledge and resources to provide you with a first class steel supply option.