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Outlining Austenitic Stainless Steel

28th September 2018
Stainless steel was envisaged as a corrosion-resistant iron alloy that could resist both chemical attack from various acids as well...
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What is Hot Rolled Steel?

14th September 2018
Metal rolling replaced the traditional hammer-and-anvil approach of pre-industrial metalworkers and blacksmiths, allowing them to create metal alloy sheets with...
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Miilux Screening Solutions for Heavy Industry Applications

29th August 2018
Finnish steel specialist Miilux is renowned for manufacturing novel abrasion-resistant steels that can be profiled into complex geometries without compromising...
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High Yield Steel: Properties and Capacities

22nd August 2018
High yield steel represents outstanding performance under extreme structural loads. Tension, compression, impacts, abrasion, and vibration are common actions exerted...
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Abrasion Resistance of Industrial Steel Products

13th August 2018
Hardness, toughness, and strength are three of the most crucial mechanical values for industrial steel products, determining the physical integrity...
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3 Steel Grades for Abrasion Resistance

6th August 2018
The Brinell scale refers to a material’s resistance to mechanical deformation by impacts or sources of significant friction. Steel grades...
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The Applications of Miilux Screening Solutions

30th July 2018
Specialist steel profiling for heavy wear applications requires unique production and heat treatment methodologies to encourage high material strength and...
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Stainless Steel for Hygiene Critical Applications

24th July 2018
Stainless steel is one of the most versatile families of metal alloys on the market. It is an iron-carbon (He-C)...
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World Cup Materials: The Steel Products Used in Football Stadium Construction

13th July 2018
The World Cup opening ceremony 2018 kicked off under the panoramic canopy of the Luzhniki Stadium; a 15,000-tonne construction supported...
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High Yield Steel for Mining Applications

9th July 2018
Mining components such as earth-moving buckets and geological drill-heads are subject to an array of abrasive elements throughout their service...
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