BS1501 – 224-460A/B

For use in weldable industrial boilers and pressure vessels, BS-224-460A/B is the British Standard specification which is comparable with ASTM A516 Grade 65.
This British Standard has now been been superseded by the European specification EN10028 but we still receive enquiries for this specific grade which is why we have included technical information on this website.
Please note that this information should only be used for cross referencing purposes when comparing to current specifications.
There are two types of BS1501-224-460 available which are …

  • Type A :
    Denotes specified min. room temperature tensile properties
  • Type B :
    As per Type A but with elevated temperature properties

Table 2: Mechanical Properties of BS1501 – 224-460A/B

Nominal Plate ThicknessTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
Over (mm)Up to and inc. (mm)min. N/mm²max. N/mm²min. N/mm²min. (%)

(* Yield strength values for plates over 63mm shall be same values specified for plate thicknesses between 40mm and 63mm reduced by 1% for each 5mm increase over 63mm)
(Please note: the technical information above is for guidance only – for exact specifications please check with our Sales Team)

Table 1: Chemical Composition of BS1501 – 224-460A/B

*C (max)0.22
Si (min)0.10
Si (max)0.40
Mn (min)0.90
Mn (max)1.60
P (max)0.030
S (max)0.030
*Al (metallic) (min)0.015
Cr (max)0.25
Cu (max)0.30
Mo (max)0.10
Ni (max)0.75

(* Aluminium level meets this requirement as long as value is not less than 0.18%)