September 29, 2017

The Benefits of Miilux® Screening Solutions

Machining and processing can be extremely difficult when working with hardened steel. Things such as cutting, drilling, bending, require specialist...
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September 18, 2017

Corten Steel Products from Masteel

Corten steel is a weather resistant steel that is often used in applications that are exposed to atmospheric elements as...
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September 11, 2017

What are the 4 Stainless Steel Families?

Stainless steels are alloys that contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium content, and they are well-known for their corrosion resistance...
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September 4, 2017

Chrome Moly Steel for the Oil and Gas Industry

Chrome moly steel is a chromium and molybdenum alloy that benefits from increased strength at high working temperatures and excellent...
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August 30, 2017

Stainless Steel: Features and Applications

Stainless steel is arguably the most well-known type of steel on the market. Often called ‘corrosion-resistant steel’ as it doesn’t...
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August 23, 2017

The Benefits of Using Weathering Steel

Weathering steel (often referred to as Corten A or Corten B Steel) is an alloy steel that is often used...
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August 16, 2017

A Guide to Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel

There is a wide range of different types of stainless steels, all of which share the common property of resistance...
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August 9, 2017

The Most Popular Grades of Stainless Steel: 304 and 316

Stainless steel is arguably the most popular type of steel around the globe. Its notable characteristic is corrosion resistance, which...
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August 2, 2017

Corten Steel Structures Around the World

Corten (or Cor-Ten) steel is a trade name for a type of structural steel, but its popularity has meant the...
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July 28, 2017

Armour Plated Steel and the Origins of MIL DTL 12560K and DEF STAN 95-24

Armour plated steel can trace its roots back to the 18 tonnes ‘land-ship’ or tank developed in 1915 during World...
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