Abrasion liner plates are manufactured using renowned wear-resistant steel, which boasts exceptional hardness and toughness. This unique combination of properties allows these plates to withstand the most demanding conditions involving abrasive materials, such as rocks, minerals, ores, and other challenging substances. In addition to superior abrasion resistance, Abrasion liner plates possess excellent structural strength. This means they can withstand heavy impact loads, shocks, and stresses that commonly occur in industries like mining, construction, agriculture, and recycling.

Versatility stems from the ability to customize the plates to meet specific requirements, such as thickness, dimensions, hole patterns, and welding properties. The adaptability of Abrasion liner plates ensures a precise fit for diverse machinery and facilitates ease of installation, making them a cost-effective and practical solution for numerous wear-prone components.

We specialise in the following grades

400HB Abrasion

450HB Abrasion

500HB Abrasion

Our Abrasion liner plates are available in a range of thicknesses with the maximum being 160mm. We also provide in-house profiling on all our Abrasion liner plates to meet your exact requirements.

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