The Brinell scale refers to a material’s resistance to mechanical deformation by impacts or sources of significant friction. Steel grades are commonly assessed for hardness using the Brinell test, which measures the level of surface indentation on a steel plate after a significant load has impacted the product. This quality is measured by a Brinell hardness number (BHN) which ranges from roughly 26 – 600 Brinell.

Abrasion resistant steel grades typically exhibit hardness values of up to 500 Brinell with medium carbon contents of up to 0.30%. This provides an outstanding balance of hardness and toughness to ensure that heavy wear components are suitably resistant to impact and sliding abrasion, with low risk of long-term degradation due to mechanical brittleness.

High carbon steel grades can display hardness values of more than 500 Brinell, but this comes with a commensurately increased risk of surface wearing and premature component failure. Abrasion resistant steels categorized up to 500 Brinell are therefore ideal for high wear applications and are commonly used in the engineering of demanding components such as gravel crushers, wear plates, and mining equipment.

This article will explore Masteel’s three top abrasion resistant steel grades in more detail:

MAS400 AR Abrasion Resistant Steel

MAS400 features and improved hardness value of up to 400 Brinell and tensile strengths of up to 1250 MPa. This steel grade is available as cut lengths and heavy plates of varying thicknesses, with good weldability for numerous applications including machinery for the mining industry.

MAS450 AR Abrasion Resistant Steel

MAS450 is used pervasively in the earth moving sector with a hardness value of 450 Brinell and a nominal carbon content of 0.26%. This martensitic steel is uniquely suited to abrasive environments with excellent formability and good retention of its mechanical properties after profiling and processing.

MAS500 AR Abrasion Resistant Steel

MAS500 is our highest carbon content abrasion resistant steel grade with a carbon content of 30% and a hardness rating of 500 Brinell. All of our abrasion resistant grades are unsuitable for heat treatment processes, but MAS500 retains exceptional physical integrity throughout welding and forming processes, enabling the fabrication of complex components with leading abrasion resistant qualities.

Abrasion Resistant Steel Grades from Masteel

Masteel is a leading supplier of steel grades for an enormous range of industrial applications. Our abrasion resistant steels are fabricated for typical and bespoke heavy wear components where longevity is critical.

If you would like any more information about our abrasion resistant steel grades, please do not hesitate to contact us.