Masteel are now supplying various grades of 9% Nickel steel, that can be used for a range of applications due to its unique properties. This blog post will outline this type of steel in more detail.

What is Nickel?

Nickel is a transition metal, which is hard and ductile. It isn’t very reactive and has a low oxidation rate at room temperature. It is a popular alloying metal due to its desirable properties.

9% Nickel Grades and Properties

There are two main specifications that cover the use of 9% nickel alloy steel plates; ASTM A353 and ASTM A553 Type 1. Both of these grades are quite similar, except ASTM A553 Type 1 comes in plate thicknesses of up to 100 mm, while ASTM A353 is often limited to a plate thickness of 50 mm.

Typically, a 9% nickel alloy steel is difficult to produce due to the stringent toughness properties required. It has to be free of impurity elements such as phosphorous and sulfur in order to meet the specification.

Both of these materials can operate in temperatures of lower than 196oC, and they exhibit strong and robust mechanical properties such as high yield and tensile strength.

9% Nickel is exceptionally ductile, which reduces the risk of brittleness in the metal, allowing it to deform at extremely low temperatures without rupturing. At these low temperatures, the Charpy impact test results show around 200J for the absorbed energy and 2 mm of lateral expansion.

These steel plates are easily fabricated and can be welded into unusual shapes.

9% Nickel Applications

The primary application of 9% nickel steel plates is in cryogenic applications, specifically cryogenic storage plants of liquefied gases such as argon, oxygen, and nitrogen. The steels are useful for both the containment and storage of these gases.

Due to the resistance to low-temperature brittle fracture, 9% nickel steel plate can also be used in various other pressure vessels.

9% Nickel from Masteel

Masteel has a global reputation for the supply of high quality cryogenic and pressure vessel steel and now adds 9% nickel to their capabilities. If you would like any more information regarding our 9% nickel products, please contact us.