A387 Grade 91 Material –

A387 Grade 91 is a type of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel used in high-temperature applications, particularly in the fabrication of pressure vessels and boilers. This high-performance steel alloy is designed to excel in elevated temperature and pressure environments, making it a top choice for applications in power generation, petrochemical, and industrial sectors.

The typical chemical composition of A387 Grade 91 Steel includes chromium, molybdenum, and other alloying elements. This grants the material superior strength and resistance to corrosion. Its mechanical properties including tensile strength, yield strength, and impact resistance, are controlled during production to meet the demands of industries like power generation and petrochemical. Additionally, specific heat treatment processes are applied to optimise the material’s structure for enhanced performance in extreme conditions.The materials specifications are a testament to its suitability for environments characterised by elevated temperatures, pressure, and challenging operating conditions. More detailed specifications and more information of the material can be found here – A387 Grade 91 Class 2

Chrome Moly Application

Masteel are a leading supplier of A387 Grade 91 as well as a variety of different Chrome Moly graded steels. Masteel can supply this material in plates, profiles, sections, tubes & pipes. Plates of this material can be supplied from our own stockholding or directly from the mill for much bigger quantities. All plates come with mill test certification and individual stampings. Profiles can be achieved by our in-house profiling machines, with dedicated machines in Plasma, Gas & Laser cutting.

Our full range of Chrome Moly graded steels can be found here Chrome Molybdenum

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