Over recent years, efforts to improve protection have increased massively, especially in the military and defense sector. The steel industry has been involved in the efforts to develop new products and solutions to increase protection. Armor plate steel was developed as a solution.

Armor plate steel is used around the world by the military, defense, and security industries to provide increased levels of protection against the harsh environments and conditions they encounter. Specifically in the military, armor plate steel provides high levels of protection against blast and ballistics due to its high hardness and strength.

Masteel provides a range of armor steel plate that is suitable for the environments that require high levels of protection.

Protection 400 Armor Plate Steel

Masteel’s own designation of armor plate steel, Protection 400 Armor Steel Plate, conforms to MIL-DTL-12560K. This steel provides high protection against the pressures caused by explosions and blasts, with excellent ballistic properties.

This armor plate steel is manufactured using a direct quench process to ensure hardness, strength, and good dimensional accuracy. This steel is available in various hardness grades from 360 – 420 and thicknesses from 6 mm to 150 mm. The number ‘400’ represents the average Brinell hardness value of the steel.

This grade of steel is developed specifically for resistance against artillery projectiles and high explosives, the outstanding strength this steel exhibits provides great anti-ballistic properties. Protection 400 is also used for security vehicles, bank vaults, and structural components such as walls and doors.

Protection 500 Armor Plate Steel

The other grade of armor plate steel from Masteel is Protection 500. This designation is more suited to provide protection against projectile armaments, such as ballistics.

This steel is available as cut sheets and or heavy plates, depending on the application requirements. Heat treatment is not recommended for this type of armor plate steel, but it is weldable using traditional welding methods.

Protection 500 armor plate steel is produced using a quenched process, which provides it with excellent hardness and strength.

The number ‘500’ denotes the average Brinell hardness value of the steel, and the hardness range is between 480 and 540. This steel has very high strength, with a yield strength value of 1250 MPa and a tensile strength value of 1600 MPa.

The excellent properties of this steel make it suitable for use in military vehicles and any associated equipment, bank counters, and security vehicles.

Armor Plate Steel from Masteel

The armor plate steel from Masteel is excellent quality with outstanding mechanical properties. The process used to produce these steels promotes good dimensional stability and surface flatness. Masteel also provides various profiling services, including plasma cutting, if you require them.

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