Weathering steel, sometimes referred to as atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, is used in a number of applications. Its composition is low in carbon, with additional alloying elements which offer increased strength and higher corrosion resistance. Weathering steel has lower than 0.3% carbon by weight, which means it is both tough and ductile.

When weathering steel is initially installed it is black and shiny, however it turns streaky yellow after some weathering, before finally turning a dark brown color after ten or more years.

Weathering Steel Applications

Weathering steel is much more durable than standard carbon steel when used in outdoor conditions, and this is why it is often used for exposed structures. Weathering steel does not require recoating or repainting as the corrosion slows due to the protective rust. Weathering steel is frequently used for building, architecture, sculpture and art.

Purchasing Weathering Steel

At Masteel, we supply an extensive range of weathering steel plate with quick turnaround and global shipping. This blog post will outline some of the varieties of weathering steel available to purchase from Masteel:

Corten Weathering Steel – this type of weathering steel copper chromium alloy steel which has a high resistance to atmospheric weathering. The chemical composition of this weathering steel leads to early formation of protective rust and is often popular with architects as it is aesthetically pleasing.

We supply Corten A, which is a weather resistant steel that is formed by alloying copper nickel and chromium. Because it contains phosphorous, it is well suited to gas flue applications.

We also supply Corten B, which is also weather-resistant, but works well for heavy and load bearing structures.

S355JOWP Weathering Steel – this steel offers a durable and economic structural steel solution for use in applications such as stack gas applications, steel bridges and in steel sculptured buildings as it has an aesthetically pleasing finish.

S355JOW Weathering Steel – provides superb, cost effective protection against atmospheric conditions without requiring painting or external treatment. S355J0WP weathering steel is usually used for structures which use thinner materials.

S355J2W Weathering Steel – this weathering steel is used for heavy structures and load bearing as it has an extremely high impact strength. This strength also means it can be used in extreme temperatures and does not require any treatment.

Weathering steel is an attractive, low-maintenance and cost-effective material to use in a number of applications. As weathering steel often looks very similar to mild steel plate when new, it is important to purchase from a reputable, trustworthy source. At Masteel, we can advise you on the right weathering steel grade for your application, if you would like to find out more about weathering steel, read our previous post 10 Facts About Weathering Steel. For any other questions you may have or to find out more, contact us today.