Chromium molybdenum steel (or chrome moly) is an alloy steel that is often used in applications that experience high temperatures and high pressures. This type of steel is well known for its high level of strength and resistance against high temperatures, which is why it is employed in many engineering applications.

The combination of chromium and molybdenum in this steel alloy produces a metal with excellent hardenability and good toughness, it is also easy to weld and fabricate. The chromium content provides outstanding corrosion and oxidation resistance, making this steel resistant to hot sulfide corrosion, hydrogen attack, and embrittlement. The molybdenum content provides the increased strength, even at extreme temperatures.

These properties are what make this steel extremely useful in extreme applications. This blog post will specifically look at how and why chrome moly steel is used for automotive and aerospace applications.

Chrome Moly Steel for the Automotive Industry

Initially, it was believed that Chrome Moly steel had limited uses, but it was eventually discovered that there are many uses for the alloy. The automotive industry benefits from the use of this steel greatly.

Crankshafts are one example of how chrome moly steel is revolutionizing the automotive industry. In the past crankshafts made out of cast-iron would be sufficient, but this was in older cars that didn’t travel for as far as today’s cars and heat didn’t accumulate under the bonnet like it does today. A crankshaft built out of chrome moly steel benefits from all of its properties, including heat and wear resistance, and increased strength, ensuring the car’s engine is efficient and requires less maintenance.

Chrome moly steel can be used in various automotive parts, including the clutch and the flywheel. The strength to weight ratio of this metal ensures that the car’s fuel economy isn’t impacted while providing a component that is more reliable.

Chrome Moly Steel for the Aerospace Industry

Chrome moly steel also has a variety of uses in the production of aircrafts. As we’ve previously mentioned, the molybdenum content of this alloy increases the strength of the steel, but additionally, it does not impact its workability or ductility. These properties allow chrome alloy steel to be welded easily, and in the aerospace industry, this steel is mainly used for welded structural parts and assemblies.

Chrome moly steel has almost completely replaced carbon steel in the production of engine mounts, landing gears, and other large structural parts.

The high temperatures and harsh conditions that chrome moly steel can withstand also make the metal very beneficial for aircraft production. The engine of an aircraft can operate at extremely high temperatures and they are subjected to some of the harshest weather conditions, so using a metal that is reliable is essential to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew.

Chrome Moly Steel from Masteel

Masteel is a worldwide supplier of chrome moly steel for a range of industries. Our chrome moly products are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, and we also offer in-house cutting and profiling services.

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