Chrome Moly steel is an alloy of chromium and molybdenum, which has a wide range of uses in many industries. This blog post will outline the main features, specifications, and applications of chrome moly steel.

Chrome Moly Steel Features

Chrome moly steel has excellent hardenability, fairly good toughness is easy to fabricate and weld, and can be alloyed in various ways.

The features that make chrome moly steel a popular choice for many, are due to the materials it is alloyed with. Molybdenum provides the steel with increased strength, which allows it to be extremely effective in even extremely high temperatures.

Outstanding resistance against corrosion and oxidation is provided by the chromium, which also means it is resistant to cracking caused by hydrogen attack, embrittlement, and hot sulfide corrosion.

Chrome Moly Steel Specifications

Chrome moly steel is usually sold in the grades ASTM A387 and ASME SA387. EN10028 is the euro norm standard of chrome moly, which has replaced the old British and DIN standards.

The steel plates available under the ASTM A387 and ASME SA387 specifications are available in various grades with differing nominal chromium and molybdenum content, resulting in different tensile strengths and yield strengths.

ASTM A387/ASME SA387 GradeNominal Chromium Content %Nominal Molybdenum Content %
22, 22L2.251.00
21, 21L3.001.00

Chrome Moly Steel Applications

Due to the high temperature and corrosion resistance exhibited by chrome moly steel, it is desirable in industries such as oil and gas, construction, and nuclear.

Engineers have been increasingly opting to use chrome moly steel in the construction of buildings as the resistance against extremely high temperatures will help reduce the risk of a building collapsing if there is a fire.

The oil and gas industry employs chrome moly steel in various ways. Its resistance against salt water makes the steel beneficial for offshore oil rigs, ensuring that the structures are safe and last a long time without repair. Chrome moly steel is also often used for furnaces due to its resistance to heat and great weldability.

Chrome Moly Steel from Masteel

Masteel supplies a large range of different chrome moly steel plates, in a variety of widths and thicknesses. All of our steel is supplied in a high quality from major European steel mills, and we provide global shipping with a fast turnaround. Additionally, we provide in-house cutting and profiling services if required.

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