Mining components such as earth-moving buckets and geological drill-heads are subject to an array of abrasive elements throughout their service lives. Direct friction from geological strata or other components can cause materials to deteriorate over time, reducing the throughput and efficiency of devices and necessitating potentially expensive maintenance procedures.

High yield steels are regularly employed to fabricate components capable of resisting the unique abrasive factors found in the mining sector. These require exceptional mechanical strength values and good degrees of formability to enable the manufacture of complex steel shapes that can withstand both abrasion and corrosion.

This article will explore an ideal high yield steel grade for manufacturing mining components in further detail.

High Yield Steel for Mining Components

High yield steel grade S890QL is an outstanding structural steel with high strength values in both quenched and tempered conditions. Reinforcing the plates in this manner optimises the abrasion resistant qualities of the material by cultivating ideal ratios of hardness, ductility, and physical integrity against geological abrasion and mechanical agitation.

This represents a unique balance of extreme mechanical stability and good format availability. Despite the outstanding hardness and strength values of S890QL high yield steel, it can still be welded and bent for increased component fabrication complexity. This allows S890QL high yield steel to be used for reinforcing earth-moving and drilling equipment against heavy payloads, abrasive media, and corrosive elements found in various geological strata.

The strength values of S890QL high yield steel typically exceeds standard structural steels by over three times, with a minimal yield strength of 890 MPa and a low notch toughness testing temperature. This high yield steel is compliant with EN 10025:6:2004 for hot-rolled steel products, and is broadly used in the mining and earth-moving sector.

High Yield Steel with Masteel

At Masteel, we are committed to providing high-quality steel products consistently and quickly to any facility or mining location in the world. We hold stock for a range of industries and source our high-yield steels from the best quality European mills.

Our S890QL high yield steel is uniquely suited for use in the mining industry with high carbon contents of up to 0.20% and molybdenum contents of as much as 0.70%. This provides an outstanding combination of mechanical hardness and corrosive resistivity, to withstand numerous weathering agents encountered in the mining industry.

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