S460ML construction steel is a thermo-mechanically rolled material which has a yield strength of a minimum of 450 N/mm2. S460ML has been impact tested as low as -50°C and is produced in accordance with the European designation EN10025-4 (TMCP).

Chemical Composition of S460ML


Applications of S460ML


S460ML is fine grain meaning it can be easily-welded. Owing to its reduced carbon content and low carbon equivalent value, it can be deployed in all known welding processes and is commonly used by in both automatic and manual welding applications.

Structural Sections

Using S460ML for structural sections can offer a number of benefits for high-rise/multi-storey buildings it has a well-balanced cost and efficiency. The strength and light weight of S460ML means the size of the structural sections, particularly columns, can be reduced. The buildings become lighter, with a weight reduction of 10-30% when using S460 (65 ksi) instead of S355 (50 ksi): 15% for columns, 20-35% for trusses. However, structural safety is not negatively impacted but this weight reduction.

S460ML is also used for medium or short span beams for bridges, chord, and diagonal members of trusses, pipelines, plater girders, pressure vessels and road tankers. It is easy to weld, process, and bend both on site and in workshops.

S460ML has a high tensile strength, meaning it is is hard-wearing whilst also having a good stretch-flangeability allowing thinner steel plates to be used and thus reducing the amount of welded joints. These attributes result in the production of environmentally sound, durable and smart structures.

S460ML Equivalents

Contrasting with all other structural specifications under EN10025, there are no direct equivalents in ASTM or Shipbuilding (ABS/BV/LR) designations to S460ML.

S460ML from Masteel

Masteel offer a broad range of S460 material in both normalized and TMCP conditions. Our material can be between 6mm to 80mm thick and up to three meters wide and 12 meters in length.

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