Road haulage is a huge industry worldwide, and in the UK 89% of all goods transported by land are moved by road haulage [1]. It is a service driven industry, so the units used to deliver these goods need to perform well, with minimal maintenance.

Due to the heavy loads that the haulage industry transports, the frames and units used to carry these loads need to be able to withstand the loads with minimal impact on the transportability. Impacts on the transportability would include the ease of movement, pressure on suspension systems, and pressure on the roads.

Ultra high strength steels are widely used in the haulage industry for the construction of many vehicles, including low loader units and 8 wheeler trucks. These steels are characterized by their improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance compared to carbon steel.

These steels are designed to perform under incredible load stresses, which helps to improve transportability while supporting loads of up to 80t. There has also been a requirement to provide a lower weight steel while ensuring this level of strength, which has been achieved in some specifications of ultra high strength steels.

Ultra High Strength Steels from Masteel

Masteel is a supplier of a range of ultra high strength steels that can be used specifically in the haulage industry.

S690QL, S890QL, and S960QL are all water quenched and tempered steels that comply with the EN10025:6:2004 specification. These ultra high strength steels have a minimum yield strength of 690 MPa, 890 MPa, and 960 Mpa respectively, making them ideal for use in the haulage sector.

These steels reduce the overall amount of steel required for the construction of lorries and units, which can provide a considerable cost benefit despite the cost per tonne being higher.

Using less steel can also reduce the overall weight, which reduces fuel costs, making the units more efficient.

Masteel also supplies the steel S700MC, which complies with the EN10149: Part 2 specification. This steel has a minimum yield strength of 700 Mpa, which makes it perfect for various load bearing applications within the haulage sector.

All of the steels mentioned above are extremely high quality, and in addition to providing the load bearing properties required for the haulage industry, they also ensure minimal maintenance is required, reducing downtime.

If you would like any more information about the ultra high strength steels available from Masteel that would suit the haulage industry, please contact us.