Cold formability is the extent to which a material can be formed into a specific shape below recrystallisation temperature without permanent damage. One structural steel that has high levels of cold formability is the S700MC. It is a hot-rolled and low alloy steel commonly used for load-bearing areas due to its high yield properties. In this article, we will look at the cold formability of S700MC and its benefits.

What is S700MC?

S700MC is a high-yield steel manufactured under EN10149: Part 2. It has the advantage of a minimum yield strength of 700MPa, making it lightweight without compromising its high strength, and it is thus a prime choice when weight is a crucial consideration.

Additionally, it is suitable for welding via any standard welding method.

The mechanical properties of S700MC will be outlined in the table below.

Tensile Strength650-950 MPa
Yield Strength700 MPa

And its chemical composition is as follows:


The chemical and mechanical properties of S700MC mean it has many benefits for its typical applications, including for cold pressed parts and sections, heavy steel plates and steel frames. Because of its properties, it is suitable for applications that require lightweight but high-yield structural steel.

What is the Cold Formability of S700MC?

S700MC has high levels of cold formability. Formability is often referred to as workability and is a crucial mechanical property of metal as it tells us how far the material can be shaped without being broken. This is important because its formability enables its use in cold-formed components in load-bearing applications. 

Good cold formability helps speed up the manufacturing process and results in a high-strength material. The process is carried out at or near room temperature, below the materials recrystallisation process and thus reduces the need for high-temperature equipment. Another advantage is that the cold-forming process produces very little waste material, which is ideal as more companies work towards reducing waste and its environmental impact.

Additional benefits of having high levels of cold formability include

  • Cost-effective
  • High levels of precision
  • High-quality surface finish
  • Suitable for large-scale production

Masteel’s Products: S700MC

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