Profile cutting is a beneficial process for manufacturers as it involves using specialised equipment to cut materials into specific shapes and sizes. This manufacturing process is used throughout many industries to cut various materials into designs and shapes required for specific applications. A cutting path is created for this process to work and then followed by the machine, which uses high-pressured gas, water, or laser beams to create the desired outcome. This blog post will examine why you should consider using profile-cutting services in your manufacturing processes.

What is Profile Cutting? 

Profile cutting is a versatile technique that can create precise cuts on various materials, such as composites, metals, and plastics. This process is highly beneficial to the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, where specific shapes are required for a successful product. Profile cutting can be conducted in several ways, including flame, laser, plasma, and water jet methods. Each of these methods has its own advantages, but the most suitable will depend on the material being cut and the desired outcome.

Benefits of Profile Cutting Services

Some of the benefits of profile cutting may vary depending on the cutting systems and method used, but one of the main advantages is that it can be used to cut small, intrinsic, and complex shapes that cannot be cut with other methods. Other benefits that profile cutting can provide include improved product quality, as exact shapes can be produced, cost and time savings due to the fast process, and the ability to cut a range of materials. 

The benefits of using profile-cutting services are highly advantageous for companies. Using the profiling services of an expert will ensure your materials are cut precisely to your requirements and with a high-cut quality. Other benefits include fast production times, custom shapes and and cost-effective options.

Masteel and Profile Cutting

Masteel UK Ltd is ISO 9001-accredited company offering steel solutions to companies worldwide. Aside from a wide range of steel products, we also offer profiling and testing services to suit our clients’ exact requirements. In this section, we detail our profiling services and methods.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is a method used to cut steel by using pure oxygen and fuel gas to create a chemical reaction. Also known as oxy-fuel cutting, the combination of oxygen and propane, as a fuel gas, creates a flame that melts and cuts the material.

Masteel offers flame cutting as an ‘added value’ service for clients in the UK and internationally. We use multi-head cutting machines supported by CAD-CAM software to cut steel to your exact requirements. However, our flame-cutting services do not extend to stainless steel.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a widely popular method of cutting steel and other metals before of the many advantages it offers. Using a laser enables intricate and precise cuttings of shapes, which suits a range of applications such as pressure vessels and boilers.   

Plasma Cutting 

Plasma cutting is a suitable method for stainless steel cutting, as flame cutting is not an option. During the plasma cutting process, gas is transferred through a thin nozzle at high speed to create an ionised gas stream. The stream is used to cut material into the required shape.

Water Jet Cutting 

Water jet cutting can be used on any steel material and uses a large amount of pressurized water to cut through materials. It is a heat and gas free method, which also offers cost-saving benefits, and results in a highly accurate cut.
For more in-depth information on our profiling services, you can visit our dedicated Profiling Services page or contact a member of the Masteel team today to learn more about how profile cutting services can enhance your manufacturing processes.