IPE Beams (I Sections)

Unlike Universal Beams (UB), which use UK measurements, IPE Beams (also known as ‘I Sections’) are truly metric.
Masteel supply a wide range of Continental Beams from IPE80 to IPE600. Our high yield IPE Beams are excellent for working in cold temperatures. Low temperature testing is available and can be carried out at your designated temperature ie. -20°C, -30°C, -50°C.

kg/mMetric DimensionsThicknesses
Section Depth (mm)Section Width (mm)Web (mm)Flange (mm)
IPE 8068046385.2
IPE 1008.1100554.15.7
IPE 12010.4120644.46.3
IPE 14012.9140734.76.9
IPE 16015.81608257.4
IPE 18018.8180915.38
IPE 20022.42001005.68.5
IPE 22026.22201105.99.2
IPE 24030.72401206.29.8
IPE 30042.23001507.110.7
IPE 33049.13301607.511.5
IPE 36057.1360170812.7
IPE 40066.34001808.613.5
IPE 45077.64501909.414.6
IPE 50090.750020010.216
IPE 55010655021011.117.2
IPE 6001226002201219