UPN Channels (U Sections)

Masteel are suppliers of UPN Channels (commonly known as ‘U Sections’) which are used throughout the construction industry. These sections are to the continental specification and therefore, unlike UK sections, are truly metric.
Our UPN Channels are high yield making them ideal for use in cold working conditions. Low temperature testing is available and the customer can have their steel tested to their designated temperature, e.g. -20°C, -30°C or -50°C.

  • EN 10025 S235
  • EN 10025 S355

Please refer to our specification details in the table below.

Size mmkg/mSection Area (cm2)Section Width (mm)Thicknesses
Web (mm)Flange (mm)
UPN 808.64804568
UPN 10010.61005068.5
UPN 12013.41205579
UPN 1401614060710
UPN 16018.8160657.510.5
UPN 1802218070811
UPN 20025.3200758.511.5
UPN 22029.422080912.5
UPN 24033.2240859.513
UPN 26037.9260901014
UPN 28041.8280951015
UPN 30046.23001001016
UPN 32059.53201001417.5
UPN 35060.63501001416
UPN 38063.138010213.516
UPN 40071.84001101418