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Common Alloying Elements Used by Steel Suppliers

24th November 2017
Steel is commonly alloyed by suppliers in order to provide consumers with the most effective metal for their application. This...
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Plasma Cutting Steel

17th November 2017
Plasma cutting is the process of using an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through electrically conductive materials, such...
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Why Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel is the Material of Choice for High Temperature Applications

15th November 2017
Summary: Chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (or chrome moly), is an alloy employed for high pressure and temperature use. It’s used in...
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What is a High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA Steel)?

13th November 2017
High strength low alloy steel (HSLA steel) is an alloy that provides improved mechanical properties and greater atmospheric corrosion resistance...
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Is Corrosion Resistant Steel Truly Corrosion Resistant?

6th November 2017
Corrosion in metals can be defined as the degradation of the material due to chemical reactions between it and the...
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The Most Popular Grades of Stainless Steel: 304 and 316

26th October 2017
Stainless is a term that was adopted to cover a wide range of steel types and grades developed for corrosion...
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The Use of Offshore Steel for Wind Farms

26th October 2017
A group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce electricity is called a wind farm, and they...
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The use of Weathering Steel for the Construction of Bridges

16th October 2017
The first bridges were built with stone masonry, and since then a range of materials have been used to construct...
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An In-Depth Look at the Elements that Make Chromium Molybdenum Steel

3rd October 2017
Chrome moly steel is a popular metal used in a wide range of industries for different applications. It is an...
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The Benefits of Miilux® Screening Solutions

29th September 2017
Machining and processing can be extremely difficult when working with hardened steel. Things such as cutting, drilling, bending, require specialist...
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