Alloy steels are manufactured for a limitless range of applications, using varying compounds of metallic elements to achieve finely-tailored mechanical properties. Raw alloy steels are categorized by their weight ratios of iron to other alloying elements, for example, Chrome Moly steels are alloyed using chromium and molybdenum to enable high corrosion resistance properties of an end-product. Nominal contents of 5.00% chromium and 0.50% molybdenum can vastly improve the heat and corrosion resistant properties of alloy steel plates for application as pressure vessels or steel pipework.

Alloy Steel

High tensile strength alloy steels are designed and manufactured with a range of chemical compositions, typically comprising a carbon content of less than 1.0%. They must also be correctly tempered and quenched to attain the desired high-strength characteristics.

Provided the optimal elemental and manufacturing conditions are met, it is possible to produce high strength alloy steel products for the most demanding industrial or military uses. This article will explore the four strongest alloy steel products available from Masteel in some more detail:

  1. Abrasion Resistant Steel

Mining and earth-moving applications create extreme industrial conditions for material components, including near-constant geological abrasion. Alloy steels applied in these areas must exhibit exceptional tensile strengths and hardness values to ensure long product service for heavy-duty wear applications.

Masteel supplies a range of abrasion resistant alloy steels with tensile strengths of up to 1450 MPa and hardness values of up to 540 – which is three times that of S355 structural steel. They are available in four distinct grades:

  • MAS500 AR (500 Brinell);
  • MAS450 AR (450 Brinell);
  • MAS400 AR (400 Brinell);
  • MAS300 AR (300 Brinell).
  1. Armour Plate Steel

Armor plate steel is designed for ballistics or explosive protection in military or high-risk applications. Depending upon the application, these must be formulated to varying specifications to ensure the product can withstand impacts or blasts from specified ordinance.

Masteel supplies a selection of armor plate alloy steels that can be shaped for military vehicles or high-value buildings, such as banks. These steels exhibit good longitudinal impact strengths at temperatures as low as -40°C, with tensile strengths up to 1600 MPa. These include:

  • Protection 400;
  • Protection 500.
  1. High Yield Steel

Structural grade high yield alloy steels are designed to withstand exceptional levels of tensile and load stress. They increasingly require to be low weight, high strength properties for application in construction and offshore industries.

Masteel supplies an excellent range of high yield alloy steels with a maximum carbon content of 0.20% and a minimum yield strength of 500 MPa. This range includes:

  • S700MC;
  • S550MC;
  • S500MC;
  • S960QL;
  • S890QL;
  1. Ultra-High Yield Steel

Ultra-high yield alloy steels are emerging materials that are immensely lightweight while displaying vastly improved tensile strengths over traditional high yield steels. Masteel supply two select grades of ultra-high yield steel with incredible wear resistance and minimum tensile strengths of 1100 – 1300 MPa. These grades are S1100QL and S1300QL.

High Strength Alloy Steels from Masteel

Masteel is a leading supplier of high-quality steel products, with a global supply chain supporting a broad range of industries and sectors. Our high strength alloy steels can be fabricated to varying shapes and thicknesses, with heavy plates and sheets readily available in a selection of grades and specifications.

If you would like any more information about our high strength alloy steel products, please do not hesitate to contact us.