Metals used in marine applications must withstand some of the most demanding environmental weathering factors on the planet, including tidal battering and saltwater corrosion. They must also perform under severe operating conditions, with unique considerations dependent upon the material’s application – such as implementing high chemical resistances in offshore petrochemical rigs. If these requirements were not already stringent enough, custom steel used in the offshore and shipbuilding industries must retain their strengths after being formed into unique shapes, with high degrees of weldability and exceptional comprehensive mechanical properties.

Masteel are global suppliers of steel grades for a broad range of applications, with custom steel products available for pervasive use in marine environments. Our marine grade custom steels are produced in accordance with various compliances and specifications, including:

  • ASTM A387;
  • ASME SA387;
  • EN 10028;
  • BS 1501;
  • ISO 9001:2015.

This range includes high-strength steel chrome molybdenum (Chrome Moly) alloys with excellent yield and tensile strengths and inherent resistance to the corrosive elements of seawater. The offshore industry widely uses Chrome Moly plate and structural steel in the construction of petrochemical rigs due to its comprehensively beneficial mechanical properties. Chrome Moly features low oxidation thus high resistances to elemental weathering, which improves the stability and longevity of high-value structures. Petrochemical facilities also require the application of miles of custom steel pipework with excellent chemical and thermal resistances as well as high-formability – properties which high chromium content steel offer in abundance.

These offshore structures represent enormous investments and require high degrees of design specificity. It is crucial for petrochemical companies to work closely with steel suppliers to ensure the purchase and implementation of the correct custom steel products for such stringent applications.

Similar contingencies must be considered for shipbuilding applications, where extremely-resistant custom steel plates must be formed to varying thicknesses for the fabrication of hulls of all sizes. Both commercial tankers and small leisure vessels must be manufactured to severe specifications, with low permeability, optimized corrosion-resistance, and good impact strength to ensure high degrees of reliability and extremely low chances of penetration.

Ship manufacture requires a broad range of custom steel products exhibiting such properties, including: fabricated steel sections; floor plating; boilerplate; and more.

Custom Steel Services from Masteel

Masteel understand the unique challenges presented to those working in marine environments and are prepared to work closely with clients to ensure the supply of custom steel products and services that comprehensively solve problems. We have an in-house team of marine specialists that have a combined experience of almost 40 years’ in the offshore industry, operating a quality control system to specific requirements.

If required, we will also work with third parties to guarantee that our client’s quality inspections are carried out at any link in the supply chain.

If you would like any more information about our custom steel products for marine applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.