What is it that sets the top steel companies in the world apart? Although pedigree was an essential aspect of success in the steel industry for many years, that sense of long-standing establishment doesn’t carry as much weight as it once did. Pandemic-induced trade disruptions and regional tariffs, even the far-reaching impacts of the 2008 recession, have firmly returned the emphasis to product quality and supply security.

Quality is the hallmark of our success. We are a UK-based steel company founded in 2002 as a privately owned stockholder and supplier. Our product range has grown to encompass a wide variety of engineering steels, structural steels, stainless steel grades, alloy steel plates, and much more. And despite this growing depth of products, we have retained the highest standards thanks to our diligent quality department.

We conduct robust quality systems audits and are proactive about external accreditation. All our steel products are certified with full traceability according to EN10204 3.1 as a minimum requirement. Third-party validation and additional testing are available whenever necessary. A selection of our testing services includes Charpy V notch impact testing, high-temperature tensile testing, simulated post-weld heat treatment, magnetic particle inspection, and ultrasonic steel testing. 

These standards extend into our approach to customer service. Our goal is to connect potential customers with skilled and experienced professionals who can guarantee a dependable service.

Among our core product line is a selection of HSLA (high strength low alloy) steels. Our alloy steels are engineered for extremely high strength to confer the best cost benefits to our customers. The alloy steels we offer can generally be classed as either abrasion-resistant, armour plate, or high-yield steel. The nominal dimensions of our alloy steel products are as follows:

UK Steel Suppliers with a Global Footprint

Strong growth has allowed us to continually expand, opening satellite offices in South Africa and building secure supply arrangements with the best European steel mills and facilities in South Korea, Japan, India, and China. We are a British steel company with a worldwide distribution network, which allows us to be flexible in challenging circumstances, unlike many competitors bound to individual mills. 

Our export sales have grown continuously, constituting around 70% of our total turnover. We are continuing to identify new opportunities, products, and markets as we look to serve our customers the highest quality service possible. 

If you would like any more information about our alloy steels or our range of services, why not contact a member of our team today? We would be happy to answer any queries, provide quotes, or simply discuss your business needs.