Abrasion resistant steel is a high-carbon alloy steel plate. This means that the material is much more resistant to abrasion than standard steel due to this addition of carbon. It is also malleable and weather-resistant due to the other alloys added.

When carbon is added to steel it enhances the overall hardness and toughness whilst simultaneously decreasing the strength. This is why abrasion resistant steel is mainly used in applications where abrasion resistance is the most important factor such as in mining, construction, manufacturing, and material handling. It is not suitable for structural constructions such as support beams or bridges. 

How is Abrasion Resistant Steel Made?

This type of steel is manufactured by quenching and tempering steel blocks. This process alters the grain structure to increase the toughness and enhance malleability. The steel is brought to an extremely high temperature and cooled with water quickly. This leads to the formation of crystal structures, increasing hardness.

Following this, the steel is tempered by reheating the steel to a lower temperature and allowing it to cool in normal air conditions. When the steel is reheated, the crystals break down and reform, maintaining the hardness but increasing the ductility. 

Abrasion Resistant AR Steel from Masteel

Masteel supplies abrasion resistant steel of the highest quality with superior wear performance. This steel is weldable and tough, designed to be used in notoriously tough industries such as earthmoving and mining. 

Masteel can cut and profile this abrasion resistant material to your exact requirements, meaning that you do not have to pay for material you won’t use. Our steel is designed to be long-lasting and durable, offering you an excellent return on your investment.

As well as a variety of sizes and shapes, we offer a range of thicknesses and grades, ensuring we get the exact type of plate you need for your job.

MAS500 Abrasion Resistant Steel (500 Brinell)

MAS500 is a heavy-duty steel that is well-suited for heaving wear applications. It has excellent tensile strength and hardness and is easy to weld.

MAS450 Abrasion Resistant Steel (450 Brinell)

This steel grade is a martensitic hardenable material that has excellent high strength and hardness properties. This makes it the perfect choice for heavy wear environments although it cannot be heat treated. 

MAS400 Abrasion Resistant Steel (400 Brinell)

This is a martensitic abrasion resistant steel that can be used in many applications in which abrasive qualities and resistance to heavy pressure are crucial. 

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about any of our abrasion resistant steel or would like to discuss which grade would be right for your application, you can learn more on our website or contact our team of experts for more details.