When we hear the words ‘armor’ and ‘steel’ in the same description, it typically conjures up an image of military or security equipment; all terrain vehicles and tanks, for instance. The common consensus is that most vehicles comprised of armor steel plates are there to repel assaults. However, there are many industries requiring the same performance capabilities for dramatically different purposes; mining and exploration, for example. 

Armor Steel Plate’s Array of Applications

At Masteel, we stock an impressive portfolio of steel products which is frequently modified and formulated to meet an ever-changing list of specifications. We supply a selection of armor steel plate products for essential components in military vehicles and equipment – which demand the most hard-wearing parts – to high-security buildings such as banks where they are leveraged to protect valuable commodities. The same is true of armor steel plates in hydrocarbon exploration.

Using Armor Steel Plate in Exploration

Being able to penetrate the earth efficiently and quickly, as well as remove detritus from quarries and mines, is critical to success for any mining company. This involves the use of drills, earth moving equipment, and in many surface mines, controlled explosions. While abrasion-resistant steel grades are used to build HGVs and drills, mining companies often utilise armor steel plate for blast exclusion zones.

Using armor steel plating allows mining companies to create safe zones that are impervious to blasts and ‘fly-rock’ which can be ejected at force when controlled explosions are set off. High-performance structural grades of armor steel are also utilized to build safe rooms in the event of accidents and emergencies, on oil rigs for instance, where an uncontrolled fire or platform explosion could prove catastrophic. 

Advantages of Armor Steel Plate

Listed amongst the strongest alloy steel materials on the planet, armor steel plate is a virtually un-shatterable solution for any hard-hitting objective.

Possessing the capability to retain its core strength and durability in temperatures as low as 40°C, the steel will not fall victim to adverse climate conditions. Repeated tests have shown that armor steel plate’s tensile strength significantly outperforms its contemporary metals reaching levels of up to 1600 MPa.

A Cut Above its Competitors

Any equipment charged with the heavy-duty digging or drilling in mines or quarries can expect scrapes, scratches, and abrasions as an obvious occupational hazard. At Masteel, our armor steel plate applications incorporate the toughest grade-standard parts to provide abrasion and shock-resistant exteriors, even after years of wear and tear.

All of the armor steel plate applications developed and deployed by our expert team at Masteel are ASTM checked and regulated to guarantee the highest levels of operational safety. Contact us to learn more.