The areas that the military industry operate are constantly changing, and, in order to keep military personnel safe, the materials used to protect them need to be updated accordingly.

The steel industry has been subjected to intense development for this purpose, and armour plate steel is now used globally by the military to provide protection against ballistics and explosions, due to its extremely high yield and tensile strength.

Armour Plate Steels from Masteel

Masteel UK Limited supply designations of armour plated steel in grades, which conform, and are certified MIL-DTL-12560, MIL – DTL 46100 and DEF-STAN 95-24 specifications.

Using a direct quenching process, our steel is manufactured to produce excellent blast and ballistic protection, as well as good dimensional accuracy and surface flatness.

All of our designations for armour steel plate have a chemical composition with a high percentage of manganese and chromium, which improves the strength and ballistic resistance of the steel – properties that are important in the military sector.

In addition to application in the military sector, the armour plate steels available from Masteel can be used to provide protection in walls, doors and window frames, bank vaults and security vehicles.

Protection 400 Armour Steel Plate conforming to MIL DTL 12560 and DEF STAN 95-24

Masteel’s protection 400 armour plated steel provides high protection against the pressures that are caused by explosions and blasts when the military are on the field.

Developed specifically for resistance against artillery and high explosives, the material boasts excellent strength and hardness, which results in outstanding ballistic properties. It has a yield strength of 1000 MPa and a tensile strength of 1250 MPa, providing high protection against breakage and deformation.

The number 400 in the designation denotes the average Brinell Hardness value for this armour plated steel. The Brinell Hardness value is a measure of the permanent width of indentation produced by a carbide indenter applied to a sample at a given load.

Protection 500 Armour Steel Plate  conforming to MIL DTL 46100 and DEF STAN 95-24

Protection 500 armour plated steel has a higher tensile and yield strength than Protection 400, providing higher kinetic energy impact resistance to different types of airborne ballistics.

Heat treatment is not recommended for this type of armour steel plate, but it is weldable using traditional methods as it is supplied as cut sheets and heavy plates.

Like Protection 400, the number 500 in this designation represents the average Brinell hardness value for this armour steel plate.


Masteel is also able to offer finished and semi-finished components using in-house manufacturing facilities.