With its highly protective properties, including immense impact strength and a low susceptibility to pressures and blasts, ballistic steel is most commonly used in military applications. Quenched ballistic steel plates are used in the manufacture of military vehicles to offer protection for personnel from numerous threats, from explosions to small firearms. Unfortunately, however, these threats are not exclusively confined to battlefield scenarios, and the extreme properties of ballistic steel offer increasing benefits to a wider range of industries and sectors.

This article will explore the applications of ballistic steel outside of the military in some more depth:

Ballistic Steel for Domestic Applications

Armored steel is finding increasing use in domestic environments, with homeowners turning to ballistic steel panels, doors, and fixtures to improve their home security. The high yield and tensile properties of this material offer absolute piece of mind to any homeowners looking to shore up their property against the risk of burglary or related crimes.

Ballistic Steel for the Finance Sector

Despite vastly improved cyber security and radically altered methods of financing, banks and government buildings still require tough physical protections in the event of a robbery. Bulletproof bank counters are designed to protect staff from firearms and ballistics, with armored steel pneumatic screens designed to seal counter windows with a bulletproof barrier in under a second.

These innovations can be implemented to protect staff at pay counters in a range of commercial areas with a high cash revenue, including: petrol stations; kiosks; and more.

Ballistic Steel for Policing

The demands on police forces worldwide are tougher than ever, with officers facing more complex modern crimes as rates of offences such as knife and gun crime continue to fluctuate. This increasing scope of demand necessitates higher-quality materiel to ensure that police officers are protected during the course of duty. Manufacturers of heavy duty police gear often utilize ballistic steel to produce bulletproof helmets, riot shields, and body armor, while armored response vehicles are also developed using armor plate steel.

There is a double requirement put upon ballistic steel for the police force, in that products produced using this high hardness material must also be relatively light weight and maneuverable to ensure that forces can rapidly and effectively respond to any incident or emergency.

Ballistic Steel for Security Vehicles

Private security is of paramount importance to high profile individuals, from government officials to celebrities. Reinforcing vehicles with armor plating has become common procedure for individuals concerned about the exposure that their professional lives expose them to. The process of retrofitting an armored car requires implementing bespoke ballistic steel plates to a car’s metal panels, engine components, and fuel tank, without overly compromising the vehicle’s overall performance.

Ballistic Steel Plate from Masteel

Masteel is dedicated to the production and manufacture of high quality steel which conforms to security specifications and performs to all our clients’ expectations, helping customers to feel secure with their choice of protection.

We offer two distinct grades of armor steel plate: Protection 400; and Protection 500. They feature a yield strength of 1000 MPa and 1250 MPa respectively, with varying mechanical properties suitable to different applications.

If you would like any more information about our ballistic steel products, please contact us.