Steel construction requires as close to absolute component accuracy as possible to ensure that structural shapes and designs can be easily fabricated. While some variance in the dimensional and mechanical properties of steel components is unavoidable – due to the high-temperature processes used to produce steel parts – it is possible to significantly limit these variations by providing steel sections which are geometrically and mechanically compliant for the broadest possible range of specifications and compliances.

European steel sections, or continental steel products, are manufactured to European specifications and as such are fabricated to truly metric technical units. At Masteel, we supply continental steel sections in a range of shapes, or profiles, which comply with both European standards EN 10025 S235 and EN 10025 S355. This ensures that various compliances are met while providing components with high degrees of exactitude for different structural design practices. These include:

  • H Section Steel;
  • UPN Channels;
  • IPE Beams.

This article will explore these European steel section products in more detail:

H European Steel Section

An H beam is a rolled steel joist characterized by its central web and wide perpendicular flanges. This shape can resist exceptional loads and bending forces when formulated from high-strength structural steel. Consequently, they are commonly used in the construction of structural cross-sections.

Masteel supply a comprehensive range of H European steel section columns, chiefly of the grades HEA, HEB, and HEM. These European steel section beams are manufactured with high yield points for application in low temperature environments, with central web thicknesses varying from 5 – 21 mm and flange thicknesses of 8 – 40 mm.

Continental UPN Channels

UPN section steel defines a U-shaped product manufactured to European standards. U beams feature a distinctive ‘channeled’ profile with parallel flanges at 90° angles, and a hollow central section. They do not feature the same load-bearing resistances as H beams, but remain popular components for structural application where the channel can be mounted on a flat surface, such as the edges of walls or doorframes.

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Masteel provide a range of UPN Channels manufactured to true metric specifications. They exhibit similar high-yield properties as our H sections, and can subsequently be tested to designated temperatures as low as 50°C.

Our U-shaped European steel sections are available with web thicknesses of 6 – 14 mm, and flange thicknesses of 8 – 18 mm.

Continental IPE Beams

IPE Beams are I-shaped sections which are formulated to European specifications. They feature a similar flanged shape to our H profile European steel section products with varying dimensions.

Masteel supply I European steel sections from IPE80 to IPE600, with excellent resistances to temperatures below freezing for application in cold weather working environments.

European Steel Sections from Masteel

Masteel are global suppliers of exceptional steel products formulated in high quality European steel mills. We fabricate beams, columns, and steel sections of various grades to suit multiple market compliances.

If you would like any more information about our European steel sections, please do not hesitate to contact us.