Corten steel is a weather resistant steel that is often used in applications that are exposed to atmospheric elements as it is highly corrosion resistant. This type of steel is unique as it forms a thick layer of ‘rust’ when it comes into contact with the pollutants in the air, and this ‘rust’ provides a protective layer that prevents any further corrosion.

Often known as a ‘self-protecting’ steel, corten steel is a copper, chromium, and nickel alloy that has a distinct ‘rusty-red’ coloring that is considered aesthetically pleasing to many.

Corten Steel is often employed in structural applications, including bridges due to the low cost of maintenance. The appearance of the steel has also resulted in its adoption in many aspects of modern architecture.

The natural finish of Corten steel usually ensures that no maintenance such as painting is required. Making the material a cost effective solution over other structural steels. The only potential scenario where maintenance would be required more often is if the structure is continuously subjected to water as the protective layer won’t form.

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Masteel is suppliers of Corten A and Corten B steel, and this blog post will outline both grades.

Corten A

In addition to the standard elements of copper, chromium, and nickel, Corten A has added phosphorus. The addition of phosphorus makes this grade of Corten steel suitable for gas flue applications and aesthetic facias.

The minimum yield strength of Corten A is 345 N/mm2 and the minimum tensile strength is 485 N/mm2. We supply them in strips with thicknesses ranging from 2 mm – 12 mm.

Corten B

Corten B is relatively similar to Corten A, although it does have a lower level of phosphorus. Corten B is also better suited for heavy and load bearing structures.

Corten B has a minimum tensile strength of 485 N/mm2 and a minimum yield strength of 345 N/mm2. We supply Corten B in strips of 2 mm – 13 mm.

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Corten Steel from Masteel

Masteel is global stockholders of a large range of steels, including Corten steel. We supply our products in a range of plate widths and thicknesses. Our expert engineers are able to help with any queries, so if you have any questions about our range of Corten steel please contact us.