The process of plasma cutting involves gas passing through a narrow nozzle at high velocity while connected to an electric current, creating an ionised plasma stream. This is used to melt the metal, and any molten material is blown away by the high-velocity gas.

Masteel currently provides a plasma cutting service for stainless and high alloy steels, which cannot be profiled via flame cutting due to oxidation.

To further extend these profiling services, Masteel has recently purchased RUR3500p fitted with a Lincoln Electric Spirit II 400amp plasma cutting system from Kerf.

RUR3500 Machine

The RUR machine purchased by Masteel is a strong, yet lightweight structure that is free from stress, which enables fast and precise production, increasing the throughput of stock. The machines are well known for their high quality and reliability, as they use the best components for the motion control system.

The RUR machine will allow Masteel to configure the machine widths and lengths to customer’s specific requirements. This could be to cut plates at the same time to increase throughput, or to cut larger sized plates.

The RUR3500 is extremely versatile as it can be configured with a range of systems developed specifically for plasma cutting.

Lincoln Electric Spirit II 400 Plasma Unit

Masteel chose to fit the Spirit II 400 Plasma Unit to their plasma cutting system due to its outstanding cut quality and low operational costs. The edge quality produced by this unit is virtually dross-free with bevels of 2o or less.

The lower operating costs are due to the fact the unit uses up to 78% less plasma gas than other plasma units available on the market. The robust design components ensure high reliability, as the unit has been tested to stringent manufacturing conditions.

The unit utilizes Advanced Torch technology, which provides optimised plasma gas flow and a stable plasma column.

UltraSharp Cut Technology

The plasma cutting machine purchased by Masteel is equipped with the latest UltraSharp cut technology, which applies the most appropriate cutting speeds and feeds for slots, internal cut-outs, and holes without manual programming.

This technology will considerably improve product design and quality as it includes tags that can help to assemble parts before welding. The UltraSharp process is well established and can be used to produce high-quality components at the lowest price.


Masteel is able to perform a range of profiling services including plasma cutting. If you would like more information regarding any of the services on offer, please contact us.