S355JOW Is a weathering steel grade that is commonly used throughout the construction industry. The grade is commonly known as Corten and is designed to withstand all types of weathering elements. Durability and Reliability make it the perfect steel for structural & architectural pieces. S355JOW consists of an outer protection rust layer that helps the steel maintain its appearance from weathering and timing defects. The rust layer from S355JOW isn’t just seen as a protective element, as the layer is often considered to be aesthetically pleasing. The rust layer makes S355JOW appearance be a distinctive orange colour, very much like the traditional colour of copper. One of the best examples of weathering steel in use is the Angel of the North located in the Northeast of England.

Weathering Steel

The corrosion resistance of this metal ensures that it has a long lifetime, making weathering steel an economic choice as well. Weathering steel also tends to be an inexpensive grade of steel, so financially, the steel ticks the right boxes. The most popular weathering steel grades tend to be S355JOW & S355J2W. S355J2W offers the same qualities as S355JOW, but slightly differs in terms of its strength quality. S355J2W has an extremely high impact strength and tends to be used for heavier structures. Whereas S355JOW is designed to be used for structures that use thinner materials, hence why S355JOW has become very popular for architectural purposes. Both grades are the equivalent of Corten B.

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