DEF STAN 95-24 and MIL DTL 12560 are specialised ballistic steels used predominantly in the armour industry. The grades of steel have been designed with protection being the essential element. These types of grades have been hardened and tempered to achieve the desired protection qualities.

Achieving the right hardness level is vital when producing ballistic steels. Certain limits are put in place because high hardness can reduce the toughness of the steel, and make it brittle and shatter. This would be catastrophic in military vehicles.

DEF STAN 95-24 and MIL DTL 12560 are similar types of armoured steel grades, with only a small distinction between the hardness & thickness. Thickness ranges for DEF STAN 95-24 are between 3-160mm, with hardness ranging from 255- 341. MIL DTL 12560 however ranges from 6-150mm thickness, and 250-470 hardness.

These grades both achieve the required protection levels which are demanded by military applications. Within the military, these grades continue to be used as the outer protection for tanks as well as armoured styled vehicles. The levels of protection are needed to help nullify the threats of armoured being pierced by explosive devices. Factors including hardness, durability and resistant shock make DEF STAN 95-24 and MIL DTL 12560 the ideal solution for protecting military applications.

Looking for Ballistic Steels?

Masteel is a supplier of both DEF STAN 95-24 and MIL DTL 12560 armoured steels in a range of different thicknesses and hardness levels.

  • DEF STAN 95-24: Masteel can offer thicknesses ranging from 3-160mm, and hardness levels from 255-341.
  • MIL DTL 12560: Masteel can offer thicknesses ranging from 6-150mm, and hardness levels from 250-470.

Whatever your requirements, Masteel can solve your armour solutions. We also provide ballistic steels for a wide range of applications outside of the military. Read our article on the subject for more information. Or, get in touch with a member of the sales team at [email protected]