MIL DTL 12560 is an armoured grade steel that is mainly used in the armour industry. It is a high-strength, specialist steel that is a common choice of steel for ballistic and military protection in applications such as armoured vehicles and security doors. However, ballistic steel is being sought out for more than just military applications and Masteel manufacture MIL DTL 12560 in a variety of hardness and thickness levels to suit various security needs. These include banks, government buildings, home security, security vehicles and some other applications where high-security measures are required or desired.

Masteel is dedicated to providing high-quality steels to support the security needs of our customers. The MIL DTL 12560 harbours protective properties against firearms, explosions and other attacks that can be used in a wide range of applications on and off the battlefield. 

The MIL DTL 12560 steel is available from Masteel in thicknesses from 6-80mm and with hardness levels from 250-470, achieving protection levels required to prevent penetration by explosions and other ballistic attacks. Its key properties include excellent durability, hardness and shock resistance. 

Masteel manufactures a range of armour plate steels that can be used in military applications such as combat vehicles as well as other security applications. For more information, read through our blog posts or get in touch with a member of the team today.