There are numerous varieties of stainless steel available and each one suits a specific production need. 316L stainless steel is a variation on 316 stainless steel in which the L denotes a lower carbon content. Masteel is an expert 316L stainless steel supplier in the UK, with extensive knowledge regarding the material, its uses, and applications. 

Key Characteristics of 316L Stainless Steel

316L stainless steel has the addition of molybdenum which means it finds use in corrosive and high-stress environments.

One of the key characteristics of 316L stainless steel is its weldability. It can easily be welded to other steels or metals without any problems and can be moulded into shapes to suit any project without cracking or breaking. Once it is formed it has high tensile strength corrosion resistance.  316L also has high levels of corrosion resistance without requiring additional steps such as annealing.

316L stainless steel suppliers will know that the grade has carbon levels of no more than 0.030% and silicon levels of less than 0.750%.

316L stainless steel boasts a density of 8000 kg/m3 and an elastic modulus of 193 GPa. Its thermal conductivity is 16.3 W/m.K at 100°C and 21.5 W/m.K at 500°C. It also has high electrical resistivity at 740 nΩ.m, with a targeted heat capacity of 500 J/kg.K.

Key Uses of 316L Stainless Steel

This type of stainless steel is used in a range of applications and settings including the chemical and petrochemical industry, food processing, medical devices, potable water and wastewater treatment, marine applications, pharmaceutical equipment, and architectural applications.

316L stainless steel suppliers often refer to it as ‘marine grade stainless steel’ as it is well suited to environments that are rich in chloride. Its high chromium-nickel composition means it does not tarnish or rust easily and would therefore fit well in applications that need high levels of chemical resistance.

316L Stainless Steel Supplier in the UK

When selecting a 316L stainless steel supplier, it is important to ensure that the supplier is reliable and knowledgeable about the product it is selling. Masteel UK is a 316L stainless steel supplier that is committed to ensuring the supply of materials and service at the highest possible standard.

Masteel is the 316L stainless steel supplier to meet your application needs, get in touch with their team of experts today for more information.