Weathering steel refers to a group of low-carbon steels that possess certain alloying elements combined with carbon and iron atoms. Masteel is a weathering steel supplier based in the UK that ships to countries around the world.

The Composition of Weathering Steel

Weathering steel is a low-carbon steel, meaning it generally has 0.3% carbon or less, allowing the steel to be both tough and ductile. Weathering steel includes other alloying elements that strengthen the material whilst providing further corrosion resistance. The three key elements used are nickel, chromium, and copper.

How it Works

Weathering steel works differently than other alloy steels. Working in the opposite way to corrosion resistance steels, it speeds up the process of forming a rust layer on the surface of the metal. This works as a protective coating, decreasing the chances of further corrosion.

When standard steel rusts, the layer that forms is extremely porous and eventually breaks off. This allows deeper layers of the steel products to be exposed to the elements and rust again. This cycle continues until the steel is no longer usable.

The chemical composition of weathering steel causes the first rust layer, known as the protective patina, to adhere to the steel. This prevents rust from penetrating deeply, increasing yield strength and minimizing corrosion rates. This results in an increased use-life and minimal maintenance.

What Grades Does Masteel Stock?

As an industry-leading weathering steel supplier, Masteel offers its customers major stockholding, quick turnaround, a range of plate widths, in-house cutting and profiling, and global shipping.

We stock a wide range of weathering steel such as corten steel (also known as cor ten) which is an atmospheric corrosion resistant steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is aesthetically pleasing, being used in a range of buildings and monuments around the world.

Corten A is a widely used material, offering an attractive finish. The addition of phosphorus to the material means it is suitable for gas flue applications. Corten B is suitable for heavy or load-bearing structures.

Masteel also supplies S355JOWP which is an equivalent grade to Corten A. It is often used for bridges and stack glass applications. S355JOW is another metal stocked by Masteel, often used for structures that use thinner materials.

S355J2W is another weathering steel supplied by Masteel. It has excellent impact strength, is fully recyclable, and is well suited for load-bearing duties.

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