UNS numbers S31803 and S32205 represent alloys with more characteristics in common than distinct differences. Firstly, they are both stainless steels with similar elemental compositions. Both S31803 and S32205 belong to the duplex 2205 family, which means they comprise almost equal parts austenite and ferrite. Secondly, they are both extremely strong and durable alloys.

S31803 and S32205 are both incorporated into some of the more hard-wearing and inhospitable production processes requiring materials that can withstand repeated and sustained rides through the proverbial ringer.

Duplex 2205: A Superior Steel Solution

The list of benefits that duplex can boast is lengthy. The single statistic which aptly illustrates the sheer superiority of duplex 2205, particularly the S32205 classification, is that 80% of the duplex stainless steel utilized worldwide is of the duplex 2205 persuasion. Such an irreproachable reputation as a steel industry leader is well-deserved and justified through the scores of specifications that make this solution reign supreme.

From an unrivaled capacity for anti-corrosion to unparalleled heat and energy absorption capabilities, S32205 is a wonderfully workable and weldable piece of metal. Possessing the means to conduct extreme heats while miraculously showing minor thermal expansion, S32205 keeps coming up with the answers to our production problems.

S31803 Vs. S32205: Distinguishable Differences

The most noticeable disparity between the two UNS numbers is that S32205 contains a higher nitrogen content which gives an extra shield of safety to an already solid surface. The presence of treated nitrogen provides an additional protective cover against any corrosive compounds looking to attack and eat into the steel solution. This heightened capability for corrosion resistance gives S32205 a slight but significant edge over its closest contemporary.

An increase in its competency to fortify itself as a knock-on effect of the introduction of nitrogen is the icing on the cake. What was previously a highly dependable piece of duplex steel, now enjoys an enriched propensity to protect against wear and tear and preserve the quality of any application.

S32205: A Steel for Any Occasion

Its resistance to some of the most reactive chemicals and compounds on Earth means that S32205 duplex is deployed in applications where other materials with lesser properties would undoubtedly fail and fold under the pressure. Remaining calm and cool-headed even in the most chemically volatile circumstances, its versatility is what makes it the most sought-after steel solution.

Relied upon in chemical treatment tasks, material handling and processing projects, and paper production, S32205 is a stainless steel that will stand up and be counted. Showing few ill effects of its exposure to high and low heats and constant contact with potentially dangerous compounds, there isn’t a more dependable, durable duplex composite on the market today. Contact us if you would like information about our stocks of UNS S32205 steels.