Paper production is a painstaking process carried out in multiple stages. As a brief overview: Woodchip is broken down to produce a pulp-like matter before the pulp is solidified through various heating and chemical treatments.

Fully transforming the raw woodchip material into the paper that we use day-to-day takes time, effort, and expertise. The gradually changing substance is subjected to solutions of varying heats and strengths. Treated with a wide range of chemicals and exposed to an erratic array of conditions, only a metal with extreme robustness and the capability to resist substantial damage will do.

UNS S32205: Properties for Permanence

The ferritic framework of UNS S32205’s personality gives it a base strength and toughness that is rarely discovered in other steel configurations. An impressive ability to absorb impact without cracking or crumbling allows it to be adapted to the most adverse of applications.

The austenitic segment of UNS S32205 shows the sensitive side to this steel, possessing a high susceptibility to be reshaped and flexibly fabricated. A roundly malleable metal, the list of parts and pieces for which it can be incorporated is never-ending.

As a nickel-containing composite that is part-alloy, UNS S32205 provides excellent corrosion-resistant against most of the substances and liquids used throughout the process of paper manufacturing.

Paper & Pulp Applications

Applied to the construction of pipes, tubes, flanges and fasteners which are the particular primary needs of the paper and pulp manufacturing industry, UNS S32205 serves as a masterful measure in the defense against deterioration.

Unequivocal research has shown that stainless steels significantly outperform other carbon metals in the departments of strength, suppleness and longevity. This statistic is no different in the production of paper and pulp.

Why is UNS S32205 Perfect for Paper & Pulp Production?

UNS S32205 duplex steel is exposed to a catalog of extremely volatile and potentially vicious chemical contaminants. It is perfectly positioned with all of the prerequisite properties to, not only cope with but combat any signs of corrosion or contamination.

Extreme environments of an oxidized and acidic nature are encountered in the production of paper and pulp. UNS S32205 is tried and tested at tackling the diminishing effects of such inhospitable atmospheres.

The liquors and bleaches that are ever-present in the procedure have been known to wreak havoc on many metal-built mechanisms. Long-term, irrevocable damage and destruction have made maintenance and the replacement of parts an unwanted expense. Stainless steels such as UNS S32205 contain greater traces of chromium which helps it stay firm in the extremely high temperatures emitted in the black liquor evaporation process.

All in all, UNS S32205 seems to be an undeniably dominant solution for paper & pulp development. Discover the myriad of merits of duplex’s superior steel solution by visiting our website. Contact us today to learn more.