Power generation is a term that covers a range of industry sectors, and steel is one material that is utilized in these industries due to its impressive properties. Masteel is a global steel supplier and stocks steel that is suitable for power generation applications. This blog post will outline the steel Masteel supply and the industries it can be used in.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector focuses on new and environmentally friendly ways of generating power. This can be using wind power, photovoltaics, and more.

Specifically, the wind power industry uses steel in the construction of large wind turbines for wind farms. Wind farms are positioned in environments that exhibit extreme conditions such as heavy winds, low temperatures, and for offshore wind turbines, salt water, and strong currents.

The use of steel for the renewable energy sector is crucial to reduce the maintenance and downtime associated with wind turbines.

As a steel supplier for the renewable energy industry, Masteel stocks steels that exhibit extremely high strength and high toughness values. Steels with a chemical composition that promotes corrosion resistance are suitable for offshore wind turbines, as they help to reduce the need for maintenance.


The petrochemical industry utilizes a lot of large petrochemical plants to produce petrochemicals on a very large scale. Typically, the process involves the biological transformation of a petrochemical from one physical state to another to produce a final product.

Much like the renewable energy industry, the petrochemical industry is subjected to extremely harsh operating environments, including exposure to varying temperatures and humidity, and exposure to acids and alkalis, which can cause corrosion. The steel supplied by Masteel helps to resolve all of these issues, with high levels of corrosion resistance and high thermal resistance.

Steel from Masteel for Power Generation

Masteel is a global steel supplier, with years of experience in the development and production of a large range of steel products. Our aim at Masteel is to provide an effective solution to the issues associated with power generation applications.

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